Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington has earned the reputation of the ‘Worlds Worst Weather” since it holds the record for the highest wind gust of 231 mph back in April of 1934. Despite that reputation, Mt. Washington is the most visited peak in the Eastern Slope of the White Mountains.

Mt. Washington was originally known as Agiochook (“Home of the Great Spirit”) before the early settlers from Europe arrived.

Fun Mt. Washington Trivia:

  • Darby Field made the first ascent of Mt. Washington in 1642
  • Mt. Washington was developed as one of the first tourist destinations in the country
  • A stagecoach road - called the Mt. Washington Auto Road - was developed for tourists to visit the summit.
  • The Mt. Washington Cog Railway - built in 1969 - was developed to bring tourists to the summit via the rails
  • Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the North East United States at 6,288 feet