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Monday Meme

It's Monday...and before I begin my day I spend some time perusing some of my favorite industry blogs. Lo' and behold I see my name referenced in a recent blog by Internet Strategist Extraordinaire, Gahlord Dewald of Union Street Media. You have to check out his blog at USM...G can take complicated SEO concepts and explain them in such a way that you just get it. Instant enlightenment with zero head scratching. So, he memed me. Meme- a fun word to see and say isn't it? Meme rhymes with 'dream' and refers to a set of questions one is asked and then it is sent along from person to person and from blog to blog. Since it is Monday and I am still trying to crank up this cranium at 6:00 AM, I thought this might be a different way to start my week. So here goes: 6 Random Things You Wouldnt Know About Me Unless You Asked 1. I play the Violin and even more shockingly--enjoy bluegrass music. 2. I installed the first DBS satellite system at the Boston Garden. 3. I speak Lithuanian. 4. I can dunk a basketball and idolized Dr. J ( That is "Julius" not "Jordan" BTW) growing up. 5. I am an Apple computer fanatic and have been known on occasion to wear a black mock turtleneck with bluejeans and interject the word "boom" into conversations as I fancy myself giving a keynote presentation. 6. At 19 years old I hiked the Appalachian trail from Mt. Katahdin in Maine to the Berkshires in Mass before realizing that it was going to take much longer to finish than one summer. That's my personal trivia now what is yours?...This is where I am supposed to pass this along to others to finish off my meme. The following should consider themselves Memed: Rose Robinson: Who caught the "blog-bug" and in less than a month jumped the charts at Activerain. Bill Barbin: Fellow real estate pal that I once worked with at RE/MAX--we can chat about SEO and internet marketing for hours--and usually do. Bill is also an online entrepreneur with a new project- Bulletblocker Dave Soucy: Former national "big-wig" for a telecommunications company I worked for and later an internet company ( remember @home?) before the dotcom bust. He currently is a " no-nonsense" fitness pro and an internet marketing superstar!

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