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North Conway NH Real Estate- Now on your Blackberry!

I posted not long ago about Coldwell Banker making their website "iphone friendly" with an innovative browsing experience on a mobile device. Well, the folks at Coldwell Banker are living up to thier new slogan, " We never stop moving" with yet another innovation using the Blackberry.North Conway NH Real Estate on the Blackberry mobile phone Anyone browsing on a Blackberry will now be able to view the website in a mobile ready environment with easy navigation and clear, larger photos of the listings. So what is this rush to be on mobile platforms all about? More and more consumers are using their mobile phones for Internet browsing than ever before, and the Blackberry suite of phones is popular and easy to use for doing just that. The brand is making an effort to make sure your listings are everywhere the consumer is and available to them at any time they want to browse them. Having a mobile version of specifically tailored to the Blackberry will help us accomplish just that. What kind of information will be available on the Blackberry version of Consumers will be able to do property searches and use our Home Value Estimator tool from their Blackberry. Theyll be able to browse through photos of properties, see property detail information, and even contact a local Sales Associate all from their Blackberry device. Is the Blackberry version of different than the normal site? Yes and no. Its different in that consumers will visually experience a new design that is optimized for viewing on the Blackberry. But the consumers will be able to search for the same properties on just as if they were in front of their computer screen. Do I have to do anything different to my listings on the Blackberry version of, especially since there are so many different Blackberry devices? No, your listing information that is populated on will automatically be displayed and formatted for the appropriate version of the Blackberry the user has. How do consumers find the Blackberry version of Its pretty simple. Blackberry users just open up their browser and go to They will immediately be presented with the brand new browsing experience of the website without having to download an application or do anything at all. What if I dont have a Blackberry, can I still access on my mobile phone? While the Blackberry version of is specifically tailored for viewing on the Blackberry, it can work on other smartphones like Treos or Windows Mobile devices. You can try it out by going to to see if it works on your smartphone. Of course if you have an iPhone, you have your very own experience tailored for that device by just pointing your browser to
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The Company You Keep

You can know a company by the integrity and character of it's leadership. We are fortunate at Coldwell Banker to have a CEO who truly cares for people and has the integrity and ambition to make an effort to change things for the better. In order to reach out and encourage helping others in need, Alex Perriello, CEO and President of REOLOGY- the parent company of Coldwell Banker LLC., sent this letter to all the brokers and agents in the Coldwell Banker family today: October 8, 2008 Dear Coldwell Banker Brokers and Sales Associates: There are now hundreds of thousands of families all across America facing foreclosure because they simply cannot afford their mortgage payments, or they owe far more than their house is currently worth. To make matters even worse, the Mortgage Bankers Association reports that approximately 50% of home owners who do lose their homes to foreclosure have never once contacted their lender. With this stark reality in mind, I am writing to you today to initiate a system-wide Call-to-Action to the more than 300,000 brokers, managers and sales professionals who are affiliated with one of our franchise brands. I am asking each of you to help Save the Dream of home ownership for just one family facing foreclosure. I believe that we have both an opportunity and an obligation to help our neighbors and our local communities by trying to prevent as many foreclosures from occurring as possible. This Save the Dream initiative may require several hours or even a few days of your time, but I am confident the end result will be well worth the effort, both personally and professionally. Specifically, I am asking each of you to find just one family in your local community who may be facing foreclosure and help them reach out to their lender or a housing counseling agency so that they can begin the process of exploring a loan workout solution and hopefully stay in their homes. If you dont know of anyone in this unfortunate position, Im confident that you can use your networking skills to find someone who needs this kind of help and approach them in confidence and with great sensitivity to the situation. Collectively, we can make a difference. Here are direct links to two of the best resource sites available that you can use both to educate yourselves and to share with people in need of learning more about how they can help themselves avoid foreclosure: - Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) - The HOPE NOW Alliance and the Homeowners HOPE Hotline (1-888-995-HOPE) One thing I have learned during my career as a real estate professional is that we REALTORS are very focused on community service. You spend time every year supporting a myriad of very worthwhile causes like Habitat for Humanity, Easter Seals, MDA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Toys for Tots and Make-A-Wish, to name just a few. You know firsthand that doing good deeds is indeed good business. More than that, I know you care deeply about your communities. I truly believe that this Save the Dream initiative will enable you to give back to your communities in a positive and meaningful way one that at some point in the future might have a direct benefit on your business. There is an old expression Im sure you have heard many times What goes around, comes around. Im most certain, that if you can help save someone from the pain and anguish of foreclosure, they will be your friend and customer for life. America got into this foreclosure crisis one house at a time, and we need to resolve it one house at a time. Please help Save the Dream for someone today. Thank you. Sincerely, Alex Perriello President & CEO Realogy Franchise Group

North Conway NH Real Estate Opportunities!

North Conway NH Real Estate opportunities have never been better!

The inventory of homes is larger than ever before and the prices have dropped considerably. Everyone seems to be speculating if home prices will continue to decline over the next six months. What they are not taking into consideration is the effect that rising interest rates will have on their purchasing power. Did you know that rates have only been lower than this months 30 year fixed rate 48 out of the past 447 months? Buyer's need to remember that an increase in mortgage interest rates directly offsets any savings that they might realize by a reduced purchase price. Let's review the savings on a single family home: You saved 8 bucks? So you waited six months and saved a whopping $35,000 in the purchase only saved $8 bucks from your mortgage payment. There is a balance to consider of course but this example hopefully will make some buyers consider how the "waiting game" is REALLY treating them. If you find a home you like today run the numbers and compare what you think you might be saving if you wait for prices to drop. One of the age old mistakes in real estate and in the stock market is riding the market too long and missing the opportunities. "Buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying", is still a tried and true axiom. North Conway NH Real Estate Experts- Professional Realty ServiceWhen you are ready to crunch numbers or to view a property, call us TOLL FREE at 800-447-2120 for friendly, no pressure assistance.

Your North Conway NH Real Estate Experts ~ Coldwell Banker Wright Realty

North Conway NH Real Estate - Now on your iphone!

Today I have to post about the "latest and greatest" at Coldwell Banker. These are the things that make me truly appreciate having the international power of the world's oldest real estate agency behind us.Second Life- Real Estate Rather than moving slowly like some typical large companies, Coldwell Banker is always looking ahead and anticipating consumers needs so they can meet them. When Second Life was noticed by the business world for being not just a game but a marketing medium, Coldwell Banker was the first to set up a virtual real estate office showing that not only do they want to meet consumers where they are, but they also like to have a little fun too. Yesterday, Coldwell Banker continued to blaze a path of innovation in the real estate industry becoming the first full-service national real estate brand to launch a customized online platform for iPhone users. North Conway NH Real Estate on the iphoneWhen a user accesses the site through his or her handset, the Coldwell Banker Web site automatically recognizes that it is being accessed by an iPhone, and will serve up the special iPhone interface. iPhone users do not need to download any special software to benefit from this enhancement to the Coldwell Banker mobile technology. Providing easy access to real-time real estate information is critical for consumers in the home buying and selling process, said Michael Fischer, senior vice president of marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Distribution of listings is crucial in todays environment. Our mobile society is moving away from the desktop and utilizing cell phones and PDAs for more and more content and entertainment. With so many connecting to the Web by phone, we have to be where the consumer is in a way that makes sense. Those looking for a home will be able to search for homes and utilize the brands home value estimator. In addition, consumers will be able to enter specific search criteria such as city, state, price as well as optional filters including number of bedrooms and bathrooms. When a property is selected, iPhone users can view all of the specifications for that home and contact an agent directly. Now more than ever consumers want to access information about a home as they see it, pass it or hear about, continued Fischer. Being in front of a computer should not be mandatory. Earlier this year Coldwell Banker became the first national real estate brand to put its listings on in-car GPS devices through an exclusive feed to Dash Navigation. Drivers can now call up Coldwell Banker listings, map them, get directions and view other Coldwell Banker listings in close proximity.