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First Time Home Buyers Tips

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers in North Conway NH

Like any other life changing experience, buying a home for the first time can seem like an incredible challenge. However, once first-time homebuyers are able to organize their priorities, conduct some useful research and interact with a trusted North Conway NH real estate agent, confusion can quickly turn into excitement. Keeping in mind some of the basic tips outlined below can help pave the way to a successful first-time home buying experience. Prior to researching the Mt. Washington Valley real estate market and hunting for mortgages, you will need to analyze your familys goals and priorities. Take some time to reflect and determine if it is the right time to purchase your first home. You may also want to ask yourself where you want to be in the next few years and consider how purchasing a home for the first time fits into your familys long-term goals. Once you determine you are ready to purchase your first home, you may want to research the details of the home buying process. Though you may not understand everything you read, any insight you gain will help you avoid unwanted headaches further along in the process. The next important step in the home buying process may seem obvious but is often overlooked during the excitement of purchasing a first home. Very simply, as a first-time home buyer, you need to determine what you can afford. Too often, first-time home buyers underestimate or simply miscalculate the costs of owning a home. Before searching for your first home, ask yourself if your income is both adequate and reliable enough to afford mortgage payments. There are also upfront costs to consider when buying a home. Though the amount required to cover a down payment and possible closing costs will vary, there are usually some out of pocket expenses to incur when closing on your first home. Being prepared for these expenses, as well as any unexpected costs that occur after you have moved in will help your transition into home ownership. After determining what your family can comfortably afford, you should start shopping around for both homes and mortgages. By this time, you should have a good idea of what types of amenities you are looking for in a first home and what neighborhoods best match your familys needs. As your search advances, you may want to attend some open houses in your neighborhoods of interest. Even if you dont find the perfect home right away, being active in the market will give you a better chance of finding the best fit for your family. While looking at homes, you may also want to see what types of mortgages are available to your family. If you are able to determine what rates you qualify for and estimate your mortgage payment before actively bidding on a home, you can narrow down your price range and make a confident offer when the time comes. Though following the previous steps can help a first-time home buyer find the right home, buyers never need to go it alone. After conducting your own research, it is a good idea to find an agent you can trust. Besides being able to assist you when searching for the right home, a reliable real estate agent can help guide you through the home buying process. If you are patient with the home buying process and do your homework before purchasing your first home, your diligence will most likely lead you to the perfect home for your family.

Skate Puck hits North Conway, NH!

How do I hang my skateboard deck?

skateboard rackThat was the question that launched Modock Millworks of Madison, NH into the skateboard world just a few months ago. For those of you who don't even understand the question (like this real estate blogger who hasn't been on a skateboard for over 30 years...), skateboarders who have collector skateboards ("decks") or just have a deck that means something to them, like to display them. Okay, that makes sense...we display lots of stuff we are into, why not a skateboard? This task isn't as simple as it sounds though-the boards are large and curved and you don't want to damage the board (or the wall!) so using a picture frame holder or a big nail just isn't going to cut it. So what CAN you use? It turns out the options were pretty limited. Enter Modock Millworks and the craftsmanship of woodworker extraordinaire Lincoln Graves and...the "Skate Puck" was born. The beauty is in it's simplicity. It is small with a low profile (thus the reference to a "hockey skate puckpuck") but designed to mount the skateboard at a variety of angles--all without being shown. The skate puck is also eco-friendly and made from sustainably harvested wood in earth friendly packaging and the company is dedicated to recycling in all aspects of the process-from manufacturing to shipping. The price is very reasonable, less than a movie on iTunes-starting at just $10.99. Wholesale orders are also available. Check out the Skate Puck Store or visit their blog.

For more Skate Puck information check out the video below:

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube] Entrepreneurship is alive and well in the North Conway NH area! Start your own small business in the Mt. Washington Valley or just move here and enjoy all the White Mountains of New Hampshire have to offer! The staff at Coldwell Banker Wright Realty writes select articles about important topics related to real estate, local events and area news. For more information about buying a home or selling your current property, visit today!

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North Conway Home Videos - YouTube and Coldwell Banker

North Conway Real Estate-now on YouTube!

Coldwell Banker Real Estate recently launched an innovative branded YouTube channel designed to offer consumers a new way to search for and interact with real estate information and listings. Named Coldwell Banker On Location (, the channel was created to more fully tap into the power of video for real estate search and discovery, and to drill deeper into the local insights that consumers want. To create On Location, Coldwell Banker Real Estate closely collaborated with both YouTube, a Google subsidiary, and Google to develop a customized framework and user experience offering what is arguably one of the most comprehensive and immersive brand channels on the YouTube platform. On Location is the first branded YouTube channel to use dynamic IP lookup to search for videos, which automatically serves up local results when visitors first hit the site.

An Emphasis on Video and Local Content

Two areas of strategic focus set Coldwell Banker On Location apart from other real estate Web sites. First, it showcases the power of video to bring real estate more vividly to life offering behind-the-scenes looks at towns and neighborhoods, smart tips and timely news on real estate topics, and video listings of homes for sale. Second, content posted to On Location has a strong emphasis on local information and insights, so consumers can dig deeper into the areas of the country that interest them most. Supporting this highly localized perspective is one of the more unique aspects of Coldwell Banker On Location the ability to search for videos through a special map feature that has been developed specifically for the site. The map widget is a prominent feature at the top of the On Location site and the main starting point for consumers searching for a home, a specific area of the country or more information on a real estate topic. At launch, Coldwell Banker On Location will be the first YouTube brand channel to use dynamic IP look-up, so visitors to the site will automatically be shown video search results from their own area / zip code. Then by clicking the link Browse By Map, consumers can enter the city / state or zip code of their choosing which will immediately pull up all videos posted to On Location associated with that area. These video results are displayed as icons on the map. Each search will return a wide range of video results, including video listings, spotlights on that local community and Coldwell Banker sales associate/representative profiles. Consumers can click through to view specific videos as well as connect back to the main Coldwell Banker Web site to learn more about a specific property for sale. Video is a critical part of how todays consumers want to explore real estate, and we intend to use it to an extent never before seen in our industry, said Jim Gillespie, president and chief executive officer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. On Location provides an exciting new platform for our vast network of thousands of sales associates to directly share the kind of local insights and knowledge that is invaluable to consumers hoping to learn about a new area. Gillespie noted that the site will appeal to a broad range of consumers. You might be a first time homebuyer deciding between a few different towns in your area, someone about to relocate across the country, a Boomer thinking ahead to where to retire, or simply a person whos dreaming about your ideal home. No matter what stage youre at in your life or the real estate process, On Location has the insights you need served up in an exciting new format, he said. Coldwell Banker On Location is about building the Webs richest array of real estate video content that is also the richest in local insights, said Michael Fischer, senior vice president of marketing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Its the combination of these two missing pieces of the puzzle that make this site so exciting. In addition, Coldwell Banker Real Estate is the first in the industry to put the full power of its brand and network behind a tool that represents the future of real estate the video listing. Every month, millions of people search on YouTube for real estate content," said Sam Sebastian, Classified and Local Advertising Director at Google. "Consumers are hungry for real estate-related videos. I'm thrilled that Coldwell Banker is developing such a substantial innovation for real estate video. I look forward to seeing Coldwell Banker build On Location into one of the most active destinations for real estate search, discussion and engagement. It extends the companys already robust social media strategy, which includes Facebook pages for the brand and its two founders, Colbert Coldwell and Arthur Banker, a Twitter feed ( and profiles on Flickr and FriendFeed. In addition to using YouTube as a platform, Coldwell Banker Real Estate is using the Google family of ad networks and channels for promotion of On Location. This includes both Google and YouTube search ads, YouTube banner promotions and Google TV. To learn how Coldwell Banker Wright Realty leverages these cutting edge technology tools to help you buy or sell your home visit our North Conway NH Real Estate website or see a video about Coldwell Banker On Location please visit:


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Mother's Day in North Conway, NH

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 10th (But you knew that...right?) and as always the Conway Scenic Railroad ( Located on Main Street, North Conway Village, NH) is offering their Mother's Day Special. Mom's ride FREE in coach when accompanied by one or more of her children. Mom will also ride FREE in first north conway scenic railroadclass when accompanied by another paying adult. Complimentary appetizers are served on the first class cars. The train departs from North Conway to Bartlett, NH at 11:30 AM. Conway departure is at 1:30 PM You can view the departure schedule and order your tickets online by visiting the Conway Scenic Railroad website.

Coldwell Banker On Location Connects on YouTube

Today May 4th, Coldwell Banker will again change the face of the real estate home buying/selling experience with the launch of Coldwell Banker On Location. By partnering with YouTube, Coldwell Banker will ultimately allow consumers to access 1000's of videos covering a wide range of topics including home listings, neighborhood features, local market conditions and trends, tips for homebuyers and sellers and much, much more.

Consumers are looking for more in their real estate search:

Coldwell Banker has been ahead of the video curve in real estate for years. The brand was the first to feature streaming video on and is still the leader today. Since 2005 when the Coldwell Banker video engine was launched, consumers have become more and more accepting of video. In fact, today, video is a staple on the Web. YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world behind its parent Google. Yahoo is third. Consumers are using YouTube for much more than entertainment. They are looking for content to assist with their home buying/selling needs and we have the expertise to assist them. Go to to visit our NEW channel!