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Skate Puck hits North Conway, NH!

How do I hang my skateboard deck?

skateboard rackThat was the question that launched Modock Millworks of Madison, NH into the skateboard world just a few months ago. For those of you who don't even understand the question (like this real estate blogger who hasn't been on a skateboard for over 30 years...), skateboarders who have collector skateboards ("decks") or just have a deck that means something to them, like to display them. Okay, that makes sense...we display lots of stuff we are into, why not a skateboard? This task isn't as simple as it sounds though-the boards are large and curved and you don't want to damage the board (or the wall!) so using a picture frame holder or a big nail just isn't going to cut it. So what CAN you use? It turns out the options were pretty limited. Enter Modock Millworks and the craftsmanship of woodworker extraordinaire Lincoln Graves and...the "Skate Puck" was born. The beauty is in it's simplicity. It is small with a low profile (thus the reference to a "hockey skate puckpuck") but designed to mount the skateboard at a variety of angles--all without being shown. The skate puck is also eco-friendly and made from sustainably harvested wood in earth friendly packaging and the company is dedicated to recycling in all aspects of the process-from manufacturing to shipping. The price is very reasonable, less than a movie on iTunes-starting at just $10.99. Wholesale orders are also available. Check out the Skate Puck Store or visit their blog.

For more Skate Puck information check out the video below:

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