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Home Values Forecast to Rise in New Hampshire and Maine

Both New Hampshire Homesand Maine Homesare forecast to rise in value during 2011according to Maine is expected to do slightly better. wrote: "Healthy employment, fewer foreclosures and distressed properties are producing a better housing market in Maine as the state recovers from the real estate crash and financial crisis. Maine ranks in the five lowest states in terms of foreclosed properties." In fact, they predict Portland, ME to be the top market in the country this year. New Hampshire will fare well also according to "Stoked by better employment than in most other areas of the country and record international exports, the New Hampshire economy is eyeing the New Year with an optimism not seen in many areas of the U.S. Thats not to say the state is out of the woods yet in the financial crisis, but its driving a recovery in housing markets." All in all, it looks like the White Mountains and Western Maine will see a turnaround this year if is on the money.

The Mount Washington Hotel is in the February Edition of AARP

AARP magazine has just published an article, Vacation Like a Vanderbuilt, America's most lavish vintage resorts can be surprisingly affordable, by Bill Newcott. They make mention of a recent $60 million expansion and renovation. AARP has rooms listed as available for $199 per night. Among guests, 3 presidents have visited the hotel. The A-list of guests, according to AARP include Babe Ruth, Winston Churchill, and Princess Margaret. The Omni Mount Washington Resortis listed 4th in the series of affordable, lavish hotels. If you're looking for a luxury mountain home to buy in the Mount Washington Valley, here's the perfect place to stay and set the tone.

The Mount Washington Hotel is Listed in AARP for February 2011

Courtesy Omni Mount Washington Resort

AARP magazine article in this month's issue, Vacation Like a Vanderbuilt - America's most lavish vintage reorts can be surpisingly affordable by Bill Newcott. The Omni Mount Washington Resort. According to the article, 3 presidents visited the hotel. Their A-list guests were Babe Ruth, Winston Churchill, and Princess Margaret.