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Turkey Day Tips and Tricks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means good food and good company! Whether you are hosting or attending a Thanksgiving celebration this season, don’t worry, the staff at Coldwell Banker Wright Realty has compiled some of our favorite tips to make your holidays as carefree as possible!

· Plan it out ! Hosting a Thanksgiving meal can sneak up on all of us. A few weeks before the day, make a list of guests, food, and anything else you will need.

· Let Gordon Ramsey be Gordon Ramsey.  If you aren’t a gourmet chef, don’t attempt to be one when Thanksgiving rolls around. Stick to the recipes and traditions you are good at; nothing beats a down home cooked turkey and stuffing! 

· Sides, Sides, Everywhere Sides!  Make any side dishes you can ahead of time. Whipping up homemade cranberry sauce? Prepare it the day before so you aren’t scrambling last minute. This goes for desserts too!

· Food is Love. Seriously, we all love food, and some of us just can’t wait until the turkey is served. The night before, prepare some easy appetizers, such as veggies and dip or cheese and crackers, and have them available for your guests to munch on prior to dinner. 

· Give a gift. If you’re heading to someone else’s for thanksgiving, be sure to bring a small token of your appreciation for the invitation (yes, even it is your grandmothers’ neighbors’ daughters’ house that you hardly know). A dessert, bottle of wine, or plant is always appreciated.

· Don’t get left out of leftovers. If you’re celebrating at someone else’s home, don’t expect to take home leftovers unless you have something to carry them home in. If you are hosting, remind guests to bring something to pile those delicious fixings for a thanksgiving sandwich into.


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