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Being Prepared for a Winter Storm in the Mount Washington Valley

Preparing for a Winter Storm in the Mount Washington Valley

Winter storms in the Mount Washington Valley can oftentimes be unpredictable. What is initially forecasted to be a dusting can quickly turn into a good ole fashion nor'easter. Being prepared for whatever mother nature throws at us is key if you're in New England! Below are some of our top tips for preparing for a winter storm. 


1. Let there be light! Check the batteries in all of your flashlights, and ensure you have backups. Keep candles on hand in case your batteries run out

2. Charge your phone! Prior to a storm, make sure your cell is charged all the way. Keeping a car charger in your vehicle is a great way to charge it in case of an emergency

3. Gas up! Ensure your vehicle has at least a half tank of gas. Your vehicle can keep you warm in the event of an extended power outage, or be used to charge your phone. 

4. Don't go hungry! Keep plenty of water and food on hand, even if you think the storm will be a quick one. 

5. Listen! Purchase a battery operated radio if you do not already have one. Not only will it keep you entertained in the event of a power outage, but will also give you access to storm updates. 

6. Warm up! Have extra blankets and winter clothes on hand in the event that you lose heat due to a power outage. Remember, you lose most of your body heat through your head, so make sure you have plenty of hats! 

Now that you're prepared for a winter storm, you can get outside and enjoy all that the area has to offer, including skiing, snowmobiling, and showshoeing! 

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