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Staging Tricks to Help Sell Your Home

Staging Tricks to Help Sell Your Home


Your property's landscape is not limited to the lawn and shrubs but encompasses everything from the street to your doorstep. For this reason, make sure each component of the visual landscape looks its best. Curb appeal is important!

Ensure the street in front of your home is litter and debris free

Sweep your sidewalk and remove weeds that may be growing between cracks

If you have a fence, remove any peeling paint and give it a fresh coat of paint. You want a prospective buyer to have a positive first impression before they even enter your home


There are many ways to create a space that attracts to more prospective buyers. Appealing to the senses can have an enormous impact on selling your home. Staging the interior of your home goes beyond moving furniture and decluttering.

Light is key when selling your home. Ensure windows are clean, and use adequate wattage in light bulbs. If your home does not have a lot of natural light, use light wall colors, open drapes and blinds, and use mirrors to help magnify the feeling of light and space.

Color is another important factor when staging your home for sale. Though the red kitchen walls might be your favorite feature, it might not show well to prospective buyers, or photograph well. Choosing light colors, such as beige or gray, will help brighten the space and make your home feel more open. Bring in bright colors through accents, such as fresh flowers, towels, area rugs, and shower curtains. 

Smell is perhaps one of the most important, yet overlooked points when staging ones home for sale. The smell of newness and cleanliness appeal greatly to prospective buyers. If you have animals, ensure they cannot be smelt! 

When it comes time to sell your home, these are just a few staging tips and tricks that can help appeal to prospective buyers. Coldwell Banker Wright Realty has a certified Home Stager in office, who is happy to work with clients to ensure their home shows off its best features!