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Have You Tested Your Water Lately?

Have You Tested Your Water?

Water is vital to maintaining good health, however, many people fail to have their water tested before, or after they move into their home. While public water systems are periodically tested (check with your town for results), well water systems are oftentimes overlooked by homeowners. 


How do you know if your water is safe? Get a water test! Hardware stores offer simple at-home tests for around $10 that can identify chlorine, hardness, and iron in your water system. You can also obtain a more in depth analysis from a laboratory that can identify lead, e.coli, radon, and other contaminants (cost varies). If your water test results show any issues, work with a local water company to help remedy the situation. 


Regular water testing will help ensure the health and safety of your family’s water, and alert you to any required maintenance in your water system. To learn more about regular water testing, you can visit

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