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Thinking of moving to the mountains and lakes of Carroll County in New Hampshire or the nearby towns in western Maine? We're not surprised. In fact, many of us have relocated here! The climate's very comfortable. The scenery's gorgeous. There's much more to do than you'd expect. The crime rate is low. The unemployment rate is low. New Hampshire ranks #3 in the US for lowest unemployment with a rate of 2.7% as of November, 2017. Maine is #13 at 3.3%, which is still considerably  lower than the national average. And, the schools are great! We know why you're moving here, and we'd be happy to help you make the right choices every step of the way!

Relocation and Moving Resources has plenty of calculators including Salary, Cost-of-Living, Moving and much more. has a terrific section on moving including scheduling, tools, and articles to help with your move.

New Hampshire Employment

Maine Employment (Western ME is an easy commute to many NH jobs)
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