Home Values

Over the past 30 years, the median price of existing homes has increased an average of more than 6 percent every year, and home values nearly double every 10 years, according to historical data from NAR’s existing home-sales series. Thanks to the power of leverage, a homeowner’s return on investment is even more impressive over time.

For example, over 10 years, a $10,000 investment in the stock market at a normal 10 percent market rate of return would yield $23,600. The same investment as a down payment on a $200,000 home at a normal appreciation rate of 5 percent would return nearly 5 times the stock market return, at $110,300.

The value of a NH White Mountain Home can be even greater than a home in a typical neighborhood. The White mountains of New Hampshire have been a strong tourist draw for over 150 years and the area is consistently rated one of the best places to ski and enjoy the many outdoor activities in America.

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