Staging for Top Dollar

An attractive home, well maintained and sparkling clean are the most appealing features to a buyer. The following list covers the items that buyers like the most; we offer it to you prior to placing your home on the market.


That critical first impression is so important. These simple suggestions will help showcase your home the first time that a buyer sees it.

Trim the lawn; keep it green and weed often. Shape shrubs and clean up around flower beds.

No flower beds? Add a container full of brightly colored flowers on the front step or porch.

Clean up the entry way, and if necessary, apply a fresh coat of paint.

Clear the entry hall of toys and any items that will give it a cluttered look. Even a scatter rug may be a hazard and look untidy.

Give the outside a new look with a paint job. If that is not feasible, at least give the outside a good cleaning (power sprays can be very handy and do a great job).

Replace screens if ripped or rusted.

Clean the driveway of grease and oil stains with kitty litter and a chemical solvent.

Sweep the driveway and walkways of all debris and dirt.

Tidy up the garage and show off its size.


Treat your buyers as guests, and prepare the inside of your home accordingly!

Perk up rooms with fresh paint. A modest investment in time and money can possibly add thousands to your final selling price.

Clean up clutter; pay special attention to hallways, stairs, and children’s rooms.

The kitchen should be kept especially clean! The sink should be clean and free of dirty dishes. Counter tops appear more spacious when uncluttered. Remove all appliances and place inside cabinets. Mop floors and baseboards to help “showcase” the kitchen.

Make bathrooms sparkle by cleaning tile and porcelain. Vinegar or cleaners will remove unsightly hard water stains. Replace or clean grout around the tub and sink; if needed fix any dripping faucets.

Wash all windows and all curtains and drapes.

Clear out closets to make them appear roomier; pack out-of-season clothing .

Clean the fireplace and make a cozy, crackling fire prior to showing the home. If its summer, add green plants or dried flowers to the fire hearth.

Eliminate odors by preventing them; try to avoid cooking with onion, cabbage and garlic just prior to showings.

Freshen the kitchen by spritzing with a lemon-based air freshener, and by running a lemon through the garbage disposal. Get rid of odors in refrigerator by placing an opened box of baking soda inside it.


Stage your home with special accents: cut flowers in a vase on the kitchen counter or dining room table, an open cookbook on the counter, cookies or bread baking in the oven.

If you have a screen porch or patio, go through it and remove unnecessary lawn furniture, clean off the outside furniture and place a bright flower pot on top of the table.

If you have a Jacuzzi or pool, give a thorough cleaning and place a few pots of blooming plants nearby.
Invest in new trash cans (covered) and keep all trash out of sight.

Clean and brighten the basement with light color paint and large wattage bulbs. If you store boxes in the basement invest in a shelving system or have one built to neatly stack boxed off to one side.

Treat pets to a stroll while the home is being shown. Many people are afraid or allergic to household animals.

Turn off television and the radio. Potential buyers can look at your home quietly and without distraction